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Following Periodontal Surgery

We ask that you follow these directions to help promote healing after your oral surgery for dental implants, cosmetic dentistry or gum disease. Please do not hesitate to call the Hall Periodontics office with any questions.

  1. DO NOT eat anything or drink hot liquids for one hour after surgery.
  2. RELAX as much as possible for the remainder of the day.
  3. TODAY, you should use an ice pack to minimize swelling. Apply the pack to your face for 10 minutes on, then 10 minutes off the operated site as often as possible.
  4. YOU MAY use Peridex (Chlorhexidine rinse) if it was prescribed. Rinse twice daily with ½ ounce for 30 seconds. If you run out, use Listerine. Although you may lightly brush your teeth in the surgical area, don’t brush along the gum line where the sutures are located. Don’t floss the surgical area for the first week after surgery.
  5. FOR DISCOMFORT: Take two Tylenol, Advil or other well-known headache tablets, OR: Use the prescription medication or have us phone the pharmacist for one. We prefer Tylenol or Advil to aspirin since aspirin can cause a bleeding problem. If you are taking narcotic pain medication, do not drink alcohol, drive or operate machinery.
  6. SOME SWELLING in the first 48 hours is normal; however, if you begin to swell after that, or if you become feverish, CALL US. Swelling is a normal healing response and will usually peak the morning of the third day following surgery.
  7. FOR RECURRENT BLEEDING: Apply a wet tea bag or moistened gauze with pressure to the bleeding area for at least ¾ of an hour without interruption. If the bleeding continues, CALL US. Continued spitting and/or smoking creates a suction that can cause bleeding to continue.
  8. DIET – To avoid problems, do not eat chewy or hard foods such as toast, raw vegetables or tough meat. Soft nutritious foods should be included in your diet.
  9. If any condition develops that seems unusual to you, please contact us immediately to determine the necessity for emergency prescriptions or treatment.

Please do not hesitate to call Dr. John Hall

Office: 231-946-2910
Cell: 231-392-6918
Gaylord: 989-731-2700

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I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Hall and his staff.  He has surrounded himself with people who have the same level of caring and concern.


My gums were in bad shape after a lot of years of smoking. Dr. Hall and his staff have improved my gums dramatically. I definitely feel better after the oral surgery.


Dr. Hall seems like a great guy. He’s very concerned about your well-being. He even calls to follow up and see how you’re doing.


Not only is everyone very nice, but the office is very prompt.  I never had to wait more than a couple of minutes.


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